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Feb 17 2018

Parking during Construction this year

The Port has started construction on the S End restrooms (M-1) and as the other restrooms/laundry, Dukes restaurant and paving projects get started, there will be disruptions to our parking.  The Port reminds us to:

  • have the current (2018) parking permit visible in your car and have your guests and your extra vehicle park in the non-permit areas
  • make sure your car tabs are current and wont expire while you are out cruising/travelling-especially this summer!  There have been stolen/abandoned cars left in the parking lot so the Port will tow cars with expired tabs!
  • to contact the marina office if you will be gone for more than 2 weeks so they can make sure you are not parked in an area that will be needed for construction
  • More Shilshole parking info can be found here

Please share this with your dockmates and guests so no one is inconvenienced.  Thanks.


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Jan 26 2018

Boat Show

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Would you like to work the boat show this week?  As of last evening, Captains Nautical Supply needs someone to help them work their booth.  Contact Kristen at amazonred53 at gmail  dot com.

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Jan 10 2018

Dock Captains/Port meeting notes

Last evening was the quarterly meeting where Shilshole Marina/Port of Seattle shares with the Dock Captains/moorage tenants the latest security and construction updates.  Here are some notes…

Notes from Port-Dock Captain Mtg 1-09-18

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Jan 08 2018

Coast Guard seeks mariner input for Pacific Seacoast study

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WASHINGTON — The U.S. Coast Guard is seeking input from mariners for a study of navigation requirements in the Pacific Seacoast System.

The Waterways Analysis and Management System (WAMS) study will review the short range Aids to Navigation (ATON) system that covers American waterways from the Canadian border to the Mexican border and around Alaska, Hawaii and the Marianas Islands.

Interested mariners and maritime stakeholders can provide input by taking the survey at:

The survey will be available until March 31, 2018.

In addition to the survey input, the system-wide study will cover international requirements, environmental concerns, user capabilities, available technology and available resources.

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Jan 02 2018

Happy New Year!


  • cold weather is coming…fill your tanks, disconnect your water hose, and secure your docklines.
  • get your parking pass at the office

A couple of events taking place this year:

Hope you have a great 2018!

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