Aug 02 2017

Cruising North…

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August is the month our docks are empty and everyone seems to be up north!  Did you go?  Do you want to and have questions?  Post your stories here…

The San Juans, the Gulf Islands, Desolation Sound, Barkley Sound, the Broughtons, and beyond are all common destinations of local boaters for the month of August.  The weather is great, the days are still long and you have time to get back home before school starts or the fog sets in.

This isn’t something you do in a weekend…it can take a week or longer  to get there (depending on how far you go) and the same back, so time allotted is important.  Don’t try to do too much at once.  It can be crowded at times (it’s popular), but the views/scenery/experience is absolutely unbelievable.  World cruisers say that the best cruising grounds are right here in our own backyard!

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Jul 25 2017

National Night Out-Shilshole

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National Night Out is an annual neighborhood security awareness event that Shilshole Marina participates in.  Great fun for the family!
Tuesday, August 1, 2017 | 6pm-8pm
Shilshole Bay Marina Central Plaza | FREE
Join your boating neighbors at National Night Out at Shilshole Bay Marina for food, fun, and to strengthen the community!
For details visit….

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Jul 21 2017

Security on your dock…

It’s summer and we have a lot of new boats on the dock-subletting or new tenants.  As liveaboard residents it is incumbent upon us to “know our neighbors”. When you see someone “new” on the dock…be it guests of a neighbor or new tenants, introduce yourself, ask them “how you can help them?”, “who are you looking for?”.

Some will say the name of the boat and owner they are visiting…go ahead and make small talk which will show you are friendly and aware of their presence.  Some will say they are new…welcome them to the dock!  Some will get defensive (they tailgated through the gate) and say they are “just looking”.  Kindly say to them that we are a community down here and that we watch out for our neighbors, and that they need to check in with the office before coming onto the docks-whether doing maintenance or looking at boats for sale.

If you have any concerns, immediately call the marina cell number (206-601-4089) and security will be there within minutes to take over.

Be aware.  Ask questions. Your neighbors will thank you!


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Jul 19 2017

Shooting at Golden Gardens Park Last Night

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read about it here…

Seattle Police Blotter

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Jul 19 2017

Are you prepared…?

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…for an earthquake, tsunami, landslide of the bluff, or an oil spill from the trains?  These are all possibilities here at Shilshole and we could be cut off from city services and have to rely on our own resources and our Shilshole community.  The Shilshole Liveaboard Assoc (SLA) is actively involved with the City of Seattle neighborhood HUBs for emergency preparedness and communication.  You can read more at Shilshole Prepares.  If you are interested in getting involved with the HUBs or emergency communication, please check the bulletin board at the gate for contact info.

KING 5 is also helping you and your family get ready with all day coverage on Monday, July 24. See their plan here.

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