Oct 20 2016

Chantey Sing at Shilshole Marina

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Sea Chanteys and other maritime music celebrate our connections to the sea, boats, and those who sail them.  They include work songs and foc’sle ditties with great choruses that tie our present day maritime traditions and lore to those of the past. The call-and-response form makes these songs easy to learn and fun to sing for adults and children alike. Come and lead a song of the sea or just join in on the chorus.

Sponsored by Northwest Seaport

November 11 @ 8:00 pm10:00 pm

“I” Dock, Shilshole Marina


Check the gate and this blog for further details…


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Oct 15 2016

Getting your Captain’s License

In the boating world, when someone says they are a “captain”, it doesn’t necessarily mean that they have some power/control complex on their own boat and like to wear black berets (although those people do exist).  It generally means that they have undergone complex studies and a rigorous exam to earn the title.  With it (OUPV, 6-Pack), you can legally take paying passengers out on a boat.  You can deliver boats for the owners or brokers. It may reduce your insurance rate, and carries weight when chartering.

You see the ads everywhere for local classes.  They are held in classrooms, online or personal study…all to fit your schedule.  Winter is a good time to consider this as the boat is usually tucked away.  Here are couple local organizations but also check out the marine stores, yacht brokers, and boating magazines for references…







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Oct 09 2016


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Halloween is near so its time to put up the decorations,

and carve the pumpkins!

Be it political, funny, scary or boring…

…show your creative juices

(and one-up your neighbor)


Instead of candles, there are LED candle lites available.


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Oct 06 2016

How do the Fremont and Ballard Bridge Openings work?

read about bridge opening times and procedures: SDOT Ship Canal Bridge Openings

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Oct 01 2016

Race Your House! Sat, Oct 22nd

Here’s the opportunity for liveaboards to take their “house” for a spin around the race course!  It is a simple course…usually a short windward from Shilshole to Westpoint, a beam reach to Bainbridge and back with a turn around Meadow Point-shorter if the wind is light.  Its fun, free and laid back (no protests or aggressive confrontation).  Just follow basic sailing rules of the road.

There is a great party the night before to get the details of the race and to get to know your “competition”.

To register and get details, please go to the STYC web page.


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