May 23 2016

Security at Shilshole

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On the V-man net tonight (every Monday, VHF ch 71, 8pm) there were reports of suspicious persons hanging around M4 restrooms. The Port of Seattle Police also stated that there have been several car prowls in the parking lot.  Activity will increase as the weather warms up with later daylight hours and more people heading to Golden Gardens.


  • Lock your car and remove all visible items (put in trunk or take to boat);
  • Be observant when walking to and from restrooms, cars and gate;
  • Call Port Security (206-601-4089) for any suspicious person or activity!

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May 18 2016

Renewal of Vessel Documentation

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Here is the online renewal and payment form if there are no changes to your Cert. of Documentation…USCG Vessel Documentation Payment Form

Here is the form to fill out with any changes…CG-1280 Renewal of Certificate Of Documentation  and here is confirmation of your submission..confirm receipt of documents by NVDC

Starting in 2017, a certificate of documentation will remain valid for five years instead of just one year. Boat owners will, however, need to reapply for a new certificate if there are any changes of address or a new home port. BoatUS and other boating groups, including the Seven Seas Cruising Association, advocated for this extension after the U.S. Coast Guard began charging an annual fee for documentation renewal. Sect 312 CG Authorization Act of 2015



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May 16 2016

Ballard “17th of May Parade”- 6pm

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Norwegian Constitution Day is the official National Day of Norway, celebrated on the 17th of May. Among Norwegians, the day is referred to simply as “Syttende Mai” (17th of May) or Grunnlovsdagen (The Constitution Day).

The parade begins at the corner of NW 62nd and 24th Avenue NW. The route follows south to Market Street and eastward to Bergen Place park, then turns right onto 22nd and continues south down Ballard Avenue and ends at Lone St.

Route Map

History of the 17th of May in Norway & Seattle


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May 13 2016

Yacht/Boating/Cruising Clubs

Joining a group of fellow boaters is a great way to learn from others with a similar passion; more about your boat and how to use it, getting involved in boating-related activities (ie racing if you’re a cruiser, youth lessons), and of course, the social aspect of potlucks, dances and meeting new friends.  There are several nearby clubs and organizations that are listed here:

Corinthian Yacht Club Sloop Tavern Yacht Club
Shilshole Bay Yacht Club Puget Sound Crusing Club
Seattle Yacht Club Seattle Singles Yacht Club
Olympic Yacht Club


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May 11 2016

Live Music on D-Dock this Friday between 6-8 p.m.

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You are invited to visit D-Dock Friday evening between 6-8 p.m. for some wonderful live music. Bring a chair if you want to sit. B.Y.O.B. and snacks. The weather should be nice, good neighbors and great music see you there!

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