Nov 25 2016

“Deck Your Hulls”


Your Shilshole Liveaboard Association is encouraging everyone to decorate their boats with lights this holiday season!

Friday, Dec 9th, 4:30 to 7:00, the Shilshole Marina Office is having a Tenant Appreciation evening-details are posted on the gates;

Saturday, Dec 17th-1st sailing: the Christmas Ship departs Shilshole Bay Marina, 2:30-4:45pm- 1st Performance: 2:55-3:15 Carkeek Park* 2nd Performance: 3:25-3:45 Blue Ridge Club (private)* 3rd Performance: 4:05-4:25 Commodore Park-south side of the locks

Saturday, Dec 17th, 2nd sailing: the Christmas Ship departs Shilshole Bay Marina, 7:00-9:45pm- 1st Performance: 8:10-8:30 Hiram M. Chittenden Locks (Ballard Locks) 2nd Performance: 9:05-9:25 Golden Gardens Park*

Date TBD-weather dependent, watch for posting on the gate and here on the blog: around 5:30 pm; there will be a lighted dinghy parade throughout the marina, (all are welcome-meet at A dock).

Wed, Dec 21st:  Solstice party-CYC: 6-9pm, there will be a potluck/BYOB/white elephant gift exchange get-together at the CYC clubhouse (north end of marina). Everyone is invited and please bring a non-perishable food donation for the Ballard Food Bank. Watch for updated details posted on the gate and here on the blog.

Happy Holidays!

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Nov 21 2016

Holiday Happenings in the City

Here are a few events you and your family may be interested in…

Holiday Events in Seattle

Have a great Thanksgiving!

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Nov 14 2016

Notes from Marina Security Meeting 11-9-16

Here is a summary of last week’s security meeting…

The purpose of the meeting was to update the marina tenants and upland residents on the recent security concerns affecting our area.  There were about 60 attendees, along with Port of Seattle Police, the POS Head of Security, POS Maritime Director, and Shilshole staff.  The contract security firm that patrols in the evening was also there.

Commander Bill McAteer, POS Police: Two police officers cover the seaport properties and work in close partnership with the Seattle Police Dept. and the Burlington Northern Police. As always, call 911 for any emergencies and state you are at Shilshole Marina.  Call 206-787-5401 for any non-emergency response (suspicious persons, non-threatening criminal activity).  The Port of Seattle Police will respond much quicker than Seattle PD, will take your statement and follow-up with you.  Continue Reading »

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Nov 08 2016

Reminder: Marina Safety Meeting

Wed, Nov 9th, 6pm, CYC

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Nov 05 2016

The Vendée Globe starts Sunday Nov 6th

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80 days around the world alone, no stops, and this year they have foiling boats! You can download the free ap to follow.


The Vendée Globe is the hardest and most famous sailing race in the world. Nicknamed the Everest of the Seas, it involves sailing around the world alone, without stopping and without assistance, setting sail from and finishing in Les Sables d’Olonne, after rounding the three legendary capes: The Cape of Good Hope in South Africa, Cape Leeuwin in Southern Australia and the infamous Cape Horn at the tip of South America. They therefore have to sail twice in the North and South Atlantic – on the way down and on the way back – and sail around Antarctica by crossing the Indian Ocean and the huge Pacific. Like other major international sporting events (the Olympics, World Cup, etc) it has been organised every four years since 1989.

Vendee Globe Race Home page

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