Jan 19 2017

2017 Parking Passes

2017 parking passes are now available-all tenants get one free pass.  You can pick yours up at the marina office, where you can also update your contact information.  Be sure to park your 2nd car, and have your guests park, in the non-permit section closer to the street.

Also, make sure your car tabs are up to date and on your vehicle-especially if you are going to be away on your boat! The Port is  towing cars with expired tabs.

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Jan 17 2017

Port/Dock Captain meeting notes

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Last week was the quarterly Port/Dock Captain meeting to hear about marina updates, security, events and to voice concerns.  Here are the notes:

Notes from Port-Dock Captain Mtg 1-10-17

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Jan 14 2017

Ballard Bicycle Missing Link status

City Councilman, Mike O’Brien, will discuss the current status of completing the “Missing Link of the Burke Gilman Trail in Ballard”

Event: Burke-Gilman Trail “Happy Hour” Meeting Date: Friday, January 27, 2017 Time: 5:30 – 7:30 p.m. Location: Ballard Bay Club/Ballard Elks Lodge, 6411 Seaview Avenue NW, Seattle WA 98107



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Jan 10 2017

Marina Wifi issues

Here’s a great article as to the complexity of getting good wifi reception in a marina…


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Jan 09 2017

Technician level ham license class

This is from our Shilshole Prepares. There is a basic HAM radio class coming up. If you are thinking about long distance cruising, or using your SSB for long range communication (using HAM channels), consider this starter class..

The Mike & Key Amateur Radio Club sponsors regular classes to help people obtain a Technician level ham license. This is the entry level license, and gives you access to the ham frequencies we primarily use in Hub (emergency preparedness) communications.

They have announced two classes coming up. One in Federal Way on January 14th and 21st, the other in Ballard on February 11th and 18th. Both classes are free, but it costs $15 to take the test at the end of the class.  You do not have to participate in the class in order to take the test, you can just show up and test if you want (but do some online studying first, and it will still cost $15).  The classes have a very high pass rate, it is rare to see someone fail the test after taking the class. The training occurs over two consecutive Saturdays, with the test in the afternoon of the second Saturday.

If you are interested, you can register for the classes, or get more information, by contacting Daniel Stevens, KL7WN, by email at kl7wm at aol dotcom

Ham vs ssb website conversations…



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