Feb 21 2017

“No-Discharge Zone” for Puget Sound

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency has issued a final affirmative determination that adequate sewage pump-out facilities are available for recreational and commercial vessels to support the Washington Department of Ecology’s proposed “No-Discharge Zone” for Puget Sound.

Ecology has proposed to establish a “No-Discharge Zone” for Puget Sound which would prohibit the discharge of vessel sewage – both treated and untreated – into Puget Sound waters. Ecology’s petition concluded that there is sufficient need for establishing a No-Discharge Zone to protect water quality and the related ecological, economic, and recreational benefits provided by Puget Sound. Continue Reading »

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Feb 20 2017

Rocks being thrown at cars in marina

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Last Thur, someone was throwing rocks from the train tracks down into the parking lot.  According to marina security, several cars were damaged…some quite severely.   There was a large police response to this incident…city and Port, but the person got away.  Burlington Northern also will respond to any activity on their tracks.

If you ever see/experience something like this..please say something!



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Feb 16 2017

West Point Sewer Treatment plant Malfunction


courtesy seattletimes.com

With all the rain we had this past week, the combined sewer/rain water overflow maxed out the West Point treatment plant and was released untreated into Puget Sound.  The plant is currently operating at 50% capacity and may do so for a couple months.  Obviously, it’s best to avoid water sports like swimming/paddle boarding. Good thing crabbing season is still 6 months away! read these links for more details…

..and they blame boaters for pollution!




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Feb 14 2017

Get to know your neighbors…

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As the weather gets better and folks come out of hibernation, its a great time to meet the new arrivals and get caught up with the non liveaboards that start to come back down to their boats.  We have a great community here and try to make everyone feel welcome.

When you live in such close quarters, its hard not to be in each other’s space, so getting out on the dock becomes the relief… the “office water cooler”, the “cul-de-sac” or the neighborhood “coffee shop/bar”.  Get out and have a dock box chat.  Organize a weekly potluck brunch or bbq.  Help your neighbor go to the fuel dock/pumpout/haulout.  Go boating!

Building a Shilshole Community

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Feb 04 2017

Seattle RV Show Feb 9-12

Why an RV post on a boat site?  Well…many systems on both RVs and Boats are very similar…galley, head, electrical, solar, etc. Most RV systems also tend to be less expensive than marine systems.

Here is an opportunity to check out the booths, layouts/systems, and get ideas of what may work on your boat.  http://seattlervshow.com/seminars

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